LB Beads

Handmade African Inspired Jewellery

Creativity has no boundaries...

Growing up in a country where beads play such a big role in its history, society and every day life, one could assume that I have always worked with and around them.

However, it was only in recent years that my creative mind was re-awakened, my love and fascination for beads was rekindled and my desire to create jewellery was born.

Most of the beads used are sourced from my paternal Ghana; beads made out of glass, clay, brass, plastic, sea shells, coconut and horn.

I am inspired by the warmth of the African sun, stroll on a sandy beach, the hustle and bustle of an African market saturated with colours, smells and music.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted and each is unique, a one off, due to the fact that most of my beads and embellishments are hand crafted by traditional methods. I use different combinations for each design and no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Your purchase comes with a complimentary gift bag, handmade out of Ghanaian fabrics.

LB Beads, Purley, Surrey, UK